Root of responsibility

A while ago I have seen the video of Eckhart Tolle about responsibility. He says that responsibility is not what we do, it is who we are.

I am not sure if he is 100% right, I would rather say: The basic disposition of responsibility is founded in the who we are. We could also be urged by others to take responsibility. If somebody breaks a Window he could be forced to repair it (or pay somebody who repairs it) - so there can be an action of taking responsibility without the appropriate state in mind that wants to proactive contribute good stuff to this world.

But there is no doubt that the most effective way of positive contribution to our world is the appropriate change in our core being. It is always better to solve problems at their root and not trying to close thirty leaks that all spring from the same source.

These thoughts do apply not only to responsibility and it goes further. For example if we want to be loved by others we should love the others and the best way to achieve this is BE a loving person. And meant is having the positive wish for others in mind. This may include a force to hold somebody back doing harmful things...

Nowadays many people fear about saying their opinions officially (on the web) or stand up against obvious wrong decisions (by government for example). Falling into fear and avoiding action is clearly not a way to turn the world into good and not a way to develop responsibility.

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