How many posts must I write?

I am currently still in move to our new apartment and in addition to that I was one week away for business. I see that I did not write for a long time and now I remember posts on other blogs telling in their blogging tips that on a blog there should be periodical posting to keep the users interested.

I totally disagree with this. I have subscribed to a lot of RSS feeds and I do not have any interest that a specific blog brings a new post every day or every week.

What I expect from a blog: If there is a new post it should be interesting, have "real" content and it should trigger some new thoughts (or remind me on old important thoughts I already forgot).

So dear bloggers: There is no need to sit in front of the computer writing a blog post at 23:50 just because you think that you are supposed to. Sometimes you might see pressure where there is no.

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