2 major mistakes

One can make two major mistakes in life:
  1. Choosing the wrong (wo)man.
  2. Choosing the wrong profession.
So when you do your life plan you should put the appropriate attention to selecting the proper partner and the proper profession.

For choosing the proper partner it is important (beside a lot of other things of course) that you can rely on her/him and you get sustained even in your bad times.

For choosing the proper profession, remember that you will spend a LOT of time with the work so it should be something you like. Many make the mistake choosing a profession that currently tends to bring a lot of money - which is subject to change. Lurking for the money is not enough to aim for - it needs devotion, not just commitment, to be outstanding in your job. And being outstanding is the only way of earning good money in your job.

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Replace constraint with freedom

I spent a week with my wife, children and a very nice group of people. They had a topic for the week and it was freedom.

I had a short but precious talk with somebody from the group and the conclusion was:

Replace constraint and control with freedom and motivation wherever you can.

This applies for yourself but also for your employees or co-workers you need to cope with. Basically when you want people to act or behave in a particular manner and you force and control them, you tend to fail or at least loose a lot of possible power.

It is much better to hear them, communicate with them, tell them about the general goals and leave it up to them how to achieve those goals. And motivate them to listen (to you and to colleagues) and to introduce their own thoughts.

That way, you get real teamwork and the power that is within people working really together.

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