Work Life Balance

A few years ago I noticed the abbrevation WLB and read about Work Life Balance in a journal. Recently reading other blogs I have the impression that this topic is now discussed more often.

What is work-life-balance? When is the balance achieved? How can you measure it?

When you life in a way that does not increases frustration, decreases motivation and cause your power to exhaust over time - so if your life style can be lived long term keeping the wellness - then you achieved work life balance.

That does not mean that everybody has the same requirements in hours for privacy, sports and work. Although many emphasize the importance of not working too much I find it also important to have a work that fits my strengths and that I can have the feeling of doing something that is worth it. Unemployed people are even less happier. But indeed it is important not to exhaust your power.

Get a feeling for the charge level of your batteries. But keep in mind that the batteries are not only consumed when you work and charged when you sleep. It sometimes can also be the opposite.

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Martin Wildam said...

At Stephen R. Covey's Blog I found good article about WLB and setting the appropriate priorities: How to strike a work and life balance