The time thieves and real news

Especially in (but not limited to) the IT business one get flooded with news and you feel that you can specialize only on a small part of the IT world because the field is so large.

But I am now working more than 12 years in the IT business and especially in the last years I feel especially flooded with new technologies and products. What I find really annoying in the meantime is: It takes me a lot of time to investigating new announcements to discover nothing really new and epoch making. My time is stolen by others managing to get my attention for nothing of real interest.

The worst is that things on the first view seem to be attractive - well that's what products and services should be, but only on a closer look (and often some time intensive investigations and tests - especially in the IT business) you can identify that the product is some sort of "yet another ...".

It is the same with publicity in TV: I usually do not buy the things for which is done most publicity. Why? - Because they are usually not so good. Good things do not need publicity, because people spread the word.

Similar applies to news. There is a lot of low quality news that is just publicity.

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