Like what is need to be done

The problem: It happens that there are things to be done but you don't like to do them.
If this happens often in your job than you should consider the following:
  1. Are these things part of my job (description)? - If not, why are you considered to do these things?
  2. Are these things a general part of the business branch I am working in? - Or is it only the particular company you are currently working at?
  3. Do I still like to work in this business branch in general?

The reason: Missing flexibility or missing knowledge of the branch you are working in.
ad 1.: If you face work that is not part of your main or defined job then take into consideration that there are two possibilities: Either the company size does not allow to see your job in such a narrow view or you are really making a step out of your kernel work. In case you are stepping out of your job bounds then consider that it is not necessarily a bad sign as your role in the company might slightly change.
ad 2.: If you are facing work that somehow belongs to your job and you don't like that parts but they come along with the business you are working in then you probably have a general motivation problem or you are not flexible enough to adapt your way of working to the need of what to be done in this branch.
ad 3.: If you don't like your job any more but motivated in general to do something of need and worth then you should consider a bigger change of your job.

The solution: Find the proper job and accept the side effects it brings
Finding the proper job is not done only once in a lifetime. It is a continuous operation. As world changes continuously people and companies have to adapt all the time. So you should be flexible in your job. But you are changing also. According to change of things it might happen that you and your job do not fit together completely any more. In that case you should consider finding a different job. When considering a job change then you should think of the properties that the branch your are working in brings along. If you want to stay in your branch - or don't have a lot of other choices (yet) then you should accept the side effects of your work. There is nothing good without negative side effects and nothing bad without positive side effects.

In the case you do not feel (yet) that you cannot manage bigger changes although you are not satisfied with your current work then get aware of the fact that there are things at your work that are important to others and someone should do these things. Somebody should keep the electrical power plants working, somebody should keep the trains going, somebody should take care that food gets delivered to the people, ... - be glad about your possibilities to contribute to the community.

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