Emotion and Sensation

The problem: Difficulty to distinguish emotion and sensation.
I often have the impression that people tend to have difficulties distinguishing emotions from sensations. In the German language these difficulties have lead for emotion and sensation there is just one word ("Gef├╝hl") and this leads people to put both into the same pot.

The reason: No explanation
In the first place both rise from the unconsciousness. There is no logic that  leads to the emotion or sensation as a result. Hence you have nothing to value them - to decide whether they are good or bad / healthy or unhealthy.

The solution: Step back - wait
Just wait. Whenever there arrives a wave of inner activity, first just watch it. Emotions tend to go away faster than sensations. Sensations can live in a calm environment - when your brain and body is in peace. Emotions tend to create more activity in general. Emotions tell you about effects that hit your spirit, they should be taken as information on what feels good and what causes suffering. But Emotions should not be the decision-maker.

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