Prudential innovation

Very busy times for me - I have started a new job at another company. After 13 years at the same company I feel quite uncomfortable now - I am used to know all the internal workflows and this brings us to the topic:

People are often trying to avoid changes and usually this is seen negative as missing flexibility. I do consider myself of being flexible, but I do feel inner resistance to some elements of my new job. Analyzing the situation I find that this resistance has a simple reason: Some things worked better and more efficient the way I did it before. Not everything that is new, is better. But on the other hand, there are pretty reasons why things are done in other ways at other places.

Different companies have different focus, different countries have different cultures, different craftsmen need different tools, different software has different flaws, ... - and people need to adapt with their thinking, with their decisions and with their way of working.

However, there is always potential for improvement and wherever you go, keep in mind, that your input - the input of the new person with new ideas is very important. The big mistake is, if you judge everything new being wrong or done in a stupid way. If you act this way you will get negative responses and road blocks wherever you turn.

Before you change things you need to investigate in detail why the things are done currently the way they are done! There might be pretty good reasons!

Then, when you have analyzed the situation - then is the point to discuss evaluate possible alternatives and discuss this with the right people. A single person can improve to a certain level, but a complete team getting better and better by collaborating - that is real power.


Linda's Voice said...

Wow I like your blog! Touching subject about getting older LOL (SMILE) I am 57 years old and I am not afraid to be me and I am also happy at this age even though life doesn't always treat you right. I was also wondering if you would follow my blog as well??


Anonymous said...
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Ultima_Thule said...

How do you feel in your new job? Increases if the person exceeds the comfort zone of your ...

Martin Wildam said...

Thanks for asking, although I am still learning some basics of the new product line I can already contribute. With my software development background I can help out other consultants already. For me it is important to see that I am productive and not just "in passive learning mode".

Some people who felt a little attacked by my flood of questions and proposals in the meantime understood, that I wish their best and do not want to attack anybody. Others still need some time. ;-)

BronzeGrl said...

Humans are most resistant to change because they fear the unknown, are set in their ways, or just lazy. What many people fail to realize, but learn later is that change can be good and much better than they first envisioned. Humans get complacent and do not want anything rocking their world. Sometimes we need to step outside of our box and try new things; how else can we grow, learn, discover, invent, or recreate.

Change can be a good thing!

BronzeGrl said...

Martin, I am sure you are beginning to feel more apart of the company and less like a stranger. It takes time to adjust, get to know your coworkers, and find your perfect niche. You sound like a very ethical and hardworking man and I am sure as time passes you will excel.