You can learn fast

The problem: Repetitive experience of negative effects.
I am sure everybody knows the situation where something negative happens and you know that you already experienced this several times. And you are angry because you don't know how it happens that you again trap on the same egg.

The reason: You know the negative effect when it arrives and not when you are causing it.
Negative effects are often caused a lot earlier than they really hit you. If you can immediately experience the negative effect after your action then you will learn faster because you know well the action to omit or replace with some other action. Think of your childhood shocks - how fast it could happen that from some experience you learn so intensive that it is a problem to change your learned habits later.

The solution: Try to draw the link from negative effects to the causing action(s).
Sure, often negative effects are caused by multiple events that are not always under your control. But in general there is something you contribute to the bad situation. So when experiencing negative effects then draw the line to all your actions that contributed to it and memorize alternative ways how you could behave in the future in such situations.

And second when you do things draw the line to possible effects in the future - also in the far future! So treat people nice. The one next to you in the bus you stepped on the foot could be your future boss. ;-)

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